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Corporate Culture

Cultural Concept 


    Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, responsibility, honesty, goodness


    (1) Innovation

    Innovation is the concept and the inexhaustible driving force for the company's sustainable development. Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through concept innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, and cultural innovation.

    (2) Doing the duty

    Responsibility is the attitude, and it is to do everything in its power to fulfill its due duties. Responsible for the society, providing customers with quality products, creating benefits for the company, seeking happiness for the employees, and promoting the sustainable development of the company.

    (3) Integrity

    Integrity is character and the cornerstone of the company's survival and development. Adhere to the serious performance in the production and operation and service activities, and be honest and trustworthy, and have the promise to be the most reliable partner.

    (4) Good for

    Being good is action, it is the ability of the company to be strong and strong, and to be invincible. Good things, good people. Do the right thing, be a good person, be good at the end, be good at making good.

    Corporate values: compliance and trustworthiness, satisfying customers, achieving employees

    Corporate Mission: Innovative Technology and Management Providing customers with the desired engineering and services Creating value for stakeholders

    The company's vision: to build a branded, international engineering construction company - a dynamic and value-respected outstanding enterprise

    Business philosophy: Ming potential and cooperation and win-win

    Talent concept: people do their best to make the best use of their talents

    Quality concept: meet customer needs, adhere to continuous improvement

    Safety concept: caring for life, safety development

    Corporate Humanities Environment:

    Simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship

    Fair and decent behavior, competitive and enterprising attitude towards life

    At the end of the pursuit of the best work, team spirit

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